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Picture of You

Title: Picture of You
Pairing: Donghae/Yoona
Word count: 4,115
Rating: PG-13

a very beautiful girl walk out from elevator. she's wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans but she still has that thick make-up with hair forms into a classy bun. she holds some clothes that looks like expensive and exclusive dress. an older girl who's holding an ipad walks beside her. she's the manager of the first girl.

"yoona, it's an honour to work with you again. thank you so much for the hardwork."

that beautiful girl named yoona looks up from her phone then smiles heartwarmingly when she sees a man that is a director of her current drama is standing in front of her and talking to her, "thank you very much, yunho oppa and working with you is one of my favorite things to do."

the young man named yunho replies with a chuckle. they walk down crossing the lobby together. yoona's manager walks after them. "have you had your dinner?"

"I haven't," yoona answers. "but possibly will have soon." she adds when she sees a familiar guy waves at her from across the lobby. he was sitting on a couch and he stood up when he saw yoona.

yunho follows yoona's gaze and smiles, "wow, for a big hallyu star like you, it's amazing how you and your boyfriend can maintain your relationship as long as this. I still remember he was also the one who picked you up when we first met 5 years ago, when you just had your debut drama, when I wasn't working as a director yet." yunho adds as he chuckles.

yoona turns her head to yunho, "boyfriend?"

yunho points his finger to the guy who waved at yoona, "donghae. he is, right?"

yoona laughs and turns her eyes back to her phone to hides her slightly blushing cheeks from yunho, "ah, no. he's a childhood bestfriend."

yunho looks surprised and a bit dissapointed, "ah really? I thought you're both an item. you're really look good together."

yoona slightly smiles and shakes her head. few more steps and they will reach the end of the hallway. yoona looks at the guy named donghae who's waiting for her with a smile and she smiles back. the guy is wearing a plain black v-neck shirt and jeans. there's a bag hang on his shoulder and he keeps his hands in his back pocket of his jeans. he wears a fashionable spectacles which make he looks smart and way more good-looking.

"how long have you wait?" yoona asks when finally they reached donghae's earshot.

"quite long. I texted you an hour ago, right?"

"you've waited for one hour?" yoona stares at donghae with disbelief.

"ssh, I wanted to do it yoong, so shut up," donghae replies then he turns his head to yunho and nods, "hyung."

yunho nods back, "uhm so...see you two tomorrow?"

"ah, yes. you've worked hard, oppa," yoona turns to yunho and bows. "see you tomorrow!"

"let's go now, I'm hungry," yoona whines. she takes a step but immediately stops when she sees donghae walks to her manager instead. he whispers something to her ear and seconds later the latter nods and smiles.

yoona tilts her head, "what are you guys doing?"

donghae steps back and stands straight again. he gives yoona a mischievious smile.

"yoona, I'll go home first, donghae said he'll send you home later,"

"what? but sookyung unni, I..."

yoona's manager quickly grabs the dress yoona is holding, "see you later!" and she walks away from yoona and donghae towards the main door of the building, leaving dumbfounded yoona.

the girl spin her heels to see donghae, "what did you say to her?"

donghae smiles. in two seconds he walks and grabs yoona's hand, "that I want to spend tonight with only you."

yoona feels how warm are her cheeks. she turns her head down to hides her face from donghae but blushes more when she realize the way donghae holds her hand like never before. usually he just grab her wrist or holds her palm. but this time he entwines his fingers with hers.

yoona sits at a riverside under a tree alone. she wears a oversized hoodie that belong to donghae and hides half of her face with the hood. people around her seems don't care and don't realize that one of the biggest hallyu star is sitting near them. yoona hugs her knees and looks at river's stream calmly.

suddenly a box of food appears in front of her. she almost looks up to see who's giving it but a familiar voice appears.

"didn't I tell you not to look up at anyone?" donghae snarls. "do you want people to recognize you?

yoona laughs as she takes the box, "oops, sorry."

"it's your loss actually," donghae snaps back. yoona feels he crouch down to sit beside her.

she ignores him and continue to open the box. she squeals when she finds out it's her favorite ttokbokki, "oh god knows how long since the last time I eat this."

donghae grins. he watches as her excitedly eat the ttokbokki. she eats like she had never eat for 3 days. donghae scoffs, "eat slowly." while he opens his own box.

"you don't know how hungry I am," yoona answers with a full mouth.

"I know. you always hungry,"

yoona stops eating for 3 seconds and donghae knows she is glaring at him. he laughs. when she starts to eat again, donghae takes out a camera from his bag and starts to take yoona's picture.

yoona turns at him, "you won't eat?"

donghae shakes his head behind his camera while he's focusing on yoona, "not really hungry. I'll eat later."

yoona pouts and then she offers a piece of her ttokbokki in front of him. donghae puts down his camera and smile. he takes it on his mouth. yoona smiles wider.

"you really love to take my picture, huh?" yoona asks after she eats for a while and donghae still taking her picture.

"you're an idol, a really nice object to shoot, and I'm a photographer. we're kind of mutual,"

yoona let out a laugh, "you know what? you should take this hobby more serious, hae. you loved to take photos since we're in junior high school and your photos are briliant. you can be a professional photographer and who knows we can work together one day."

donghae doesn't answer any of this and still busy with his camera.

"so you kidnapped me just to see this river and eat this ttokbokki," yoona concludes after long silence between them.

"what kidnap?"

"you kidnapped me from sookyung unni!"

"I'm sorry but I did ask for her permission, young lady,"

yoona snorts and mutters, "why don't we just eat at the usual restaurant..."

"that one near your apartment? no, people need variations in their life, yoong,"

"but at least I don't have to wear this damn hoodie! argh, it's blocking my view...

donghae holds down his camera to see yoona who's still struggling to eat under the hood. his lips form a plain smile to himself—knowing that yoona won't see either, "you never complain when we spent time together here years ago."

"it was years ago and everything changed, hae. I am..."

"a hallyu star, I know," he cut her.

yoona falls silence. donghae purposely gave a cold vibe to his words and let the silence being awkward.

"hae, I didn't mean..."

"finish your food, yoona, it's getting cold," once again donghae cut her. he already stop taking her picture.

yoona continues to eat and don't say anything more. she finishes her food few minutes later. donghae takes out two can of coke and hands one to yoona. she takes it.

"I'm sorry," yoona whispers silently after donghae put back the camera inside his bag and opens up his can.


"I'm sorry," she says louder and more determined.

"what for?"

"you mad at me,"

"why should I?"

"I don't know, but you called me 'yoona',"

"isn't your name yoona?"

"you always call me yoong,"

donghae doesn't answer and smiles instead, "so that was important but this river and this ttokbokki isn't important to you?"

yoona turns her head to donghae and fixes her hood so that donghae and her can see each other quite clear, "huh?"

donghae calmly looks at her eyes, but then he smiles and mutters himself, "so it is, right."

"what do you mean, hae?"

they shares more seconds of looking at each other before donghae finally takes a deep breath which make yoona more nervous.

"how important am I to you?"

"w-what do y..."

"just answer it,"

"v-very important,"

"how?" donghae insisted.

"you...you are my childhood bestfriend. we grew up together. you know everything about me. y-you are very important,"

there are more silence as if donghae waits for yoona to continue her words but it seems she had finished. donghae smiles weakly, "so that's all."

"what do you mean 'that's all'? hae, I'm not good at words, I'm not good at describing, you know it, but I..."

"so let's see how important am I to you,"

yoona tilts her head with wonder.

"do you mind to cancel your schedule tomorrow for this so-called-important person in front of you?"

yoona's eyes going wide as if donghae just said he killed a man, "cancel my schedule?"

"for me," he completes her words.

yoona scoffs and rolls her eyes, "are you out of mind?"

"so you won't,"

"I have a filming tomorrow..."

"so you definitely won't,"

"lee donghae are you crazy?!"

donghae stays silent for a while, letting yoona stares at him with disbelief, "maybe," he says.

yoona sighs, "give me a reason why I should cancel my schedule for you. a rational one."

"me as a reason is not enough?"

"please making it sense,"

"what if we wouldn't be able to see each other for a very long time after tomorrow?"

yoona's face turns half-worried half-mad, but she still strikes her disbelief stare at her bestfriend, "what makes you said that?"

"I said 'what if',"

yoona sighs. she looks away and whispers to herself, "crazy."

donghae looks at her for a while before he also lets out a deep breath and stands up, "let's go. I'll send you home."

"what time you went home last night?" sookyung asks yoona when they're on their way to the filming location the next day.

"about 1 am,"

"you look tired,"

"I didn't sleep well last night," yoona explains.

sookyung slightly glance to the front passanger seat where yoona's sitting while her eyes wandering through the window, "something happened?"

"we had a fight. I don't even know why he was being so irrational. he asks me to cancel today schedule. he's crazy,"

"what? that's strange..."

"pretty much. I really don't know why, it frustated me. we didn't even talk on our way home,"

sookyung frowns, "the usual donghae will never do that."

"I know. guessed he was possessed last night,"

"but where did you go?"

"a river near his house—near my old house too—and eating ttokbokki. that's all,"

"as simple as that?"

"yeah, it's something we often do when we're kid. playing at the riverside and then going to the ttokbokki's kiosk to eat like there's no tomorrow. well, he didn't take me to the kiosk last night, it's too crowded there,"

"wow, that's cute,"

"actually it was. we never had that kind of hang out since I debut. but then he ruined it with the stupid question,"

"that must be very special. I don't know what exactly it is but I think he has a reason to asked you that kind of question,"

yoona doesn't answer rightaway. something has hit her, "unni..."


"he did say about 'what if we wouldn't be able to see each other for a long time after tomorrow?'..."

sookyung glances to yoona with frown, "uh?"

"he took me to our memorable place, and he said something about we wouldn't be able to see each other. what do you think he..."

yoona never finish her words because her phone rings. yunho calls and asking where she is. right at that time sookyung turn the car to enter the park she's going to do filming. the rest day is too busy for her to think about donghae.

it's 3 am. yoona walks behind sookyung across the lobby of her apartment. she looks pale and her eyes bag are getting bigger. she had so many outdoor scene today and one of them is a scene that requires her to run and cry under the rain. it took so much of her energy.

yoona runs her fingers through her silky hair. she doesn't realize that sookyung is no longer walks before her until the latter's voice calls her.


yoona turns her head to look for sookyung and finds her at receptionist's desk. sookyung waves at her to move closer.

"unni, you know I'm too weak even for walking now. if I collapse you should be the one..."

"it's from donghae," sookyung cut her.

it's like something had whipped her out, yoona's eyes twinkly blink at the name, "donghae?"

sookyung hands her a small pink box. at the center of it there's a small 'yoona' which she recognize it's donghae's hand writing. she could bring the box first to her apartment and open it there, but yoona is impatient. she opens the box right at the spot instead. she can't be patient if it's about donghae. something is rushing in her blood.

"wow this girl is impatient," sookyung mutters as yoona opens the box and takes out a paper inside of it.

"this is the key of my photo studio at my garage. please go there as soon as you accept this."

yoona frowns but then she sees the key inside the small box. she takes it out and left the box at the receptionist desk.

"what is it?" sookyung asks her.

"unni, I have to go," yoona grabs her car key from sookyung's hand and rushes out from the building.

"yoona you have a schedule at 10 am tomorrow!" sookyung shouts at the girl who already run out from the building.

yoona run to her car with donghae's letter and key inside her right palm and her car key in her left palm. in a few minutes she's already in the car, driving to donghae's house breaking the silence of seoul at night. his house is 30 minutes away from her apartment at the normal hour and almost one hour away at rush hour. but yoona manages to send herself there less than 15 minutes. thanks god it's 3 am and the road is really vacant.

yoona stops the car right in front of donghae's house. she glances at the windows and all have the lights out, signaling no one is still awake. but she turns her head at a garage that separately build from the house. yoona keeps her car key at the back pocket of her jeans and slowly open the gate. she walks across the garden quietly. donghae's letter still inside her palms, she is really anxious and unconsciously she holds the letter too tight. she stops right in front of the garage's door then pulls out the key donghae gave her and slid the key into the hole. yoona can't help but hold her breath when it makes a click sound, telling that it has opened.

yoona slowly grab the knob and push the door. she's been here few times. donghae sometimes ask her to company him while he's busy with his photography. other times donghae would ask her to be her model here. but what yoona sees now is something she definitely never saw.

she gasps. it has thousands of her photo literally attached to the wall all over the room in so many size. some photo she recognized as the ones he took when he asked her to be his model but hundreds more are completely snapshot of her daily life that even she doesn't have the idea how and when donghae took it. yoona recognizes the photos were collected from 10 years ago until recently. some photos were taken at her usual life at the apartment, some snapshots at her school event, some snapshots with her friends, at her fansign and fanmeeting event, at the red carpet of her film premiere, at her filming location in various dramas, and many others. yoona really has no idea how donghae managed to take all of this photos. she never know donghae ever been to her fansign or fanmeet or even her film premiere. she closed her mouth with her palm. she's badly jawdropping at the unbelievable view in front of her.

she looks around once more and this time she recognizes something glued onto the biggest photo of her which was candid taken when they went to lotte world 6 years ago—the size takes half of the wall—it was another pink envelope. yoona slowly walks and reaches it. she takes out another letter from the inside.

"dear my hallyu star,
at the time you read this letter I may not be in korea anymore. I received a photography scholarship at germany! please claps your hand! kkkkk
you know exactly how photography is my passion since we're junior high school, then suddenly my uncle gave this scholarship to me, and I can't help but say yes. it is really sudden so that I can't find any time to tell you ㅠㅠ
yoong, do you mad at me? I am writing this letter right after we had a fight at the river earlier (or is it yesterday to you? kk) you were right, I was crazy, I was out of my mind. I want to tell you that I am going to germany but I can't find the proper words to say and the BAM I exploded just like that. yoong, mianhae ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
and have you see my garage? kkkk that's only a half of my collection though kkkkkkkk
do you know why I collect it? because I love you"

yoona stops reading. her eyes stick at the words 'I love you'. she feels like her chest is going to explode anytime soon. she pulls out the courage to continue reading.

"yes, I love you. I love you since we're kid. not as a friend, yoong, I see you as a woman who took away my heart. as a woman who is my first love.
you can tell me I'm coward because I'm confessing in this letter instead of talk directly to you. yes, I am coward because I'm afraid I will lead us to a fight like yesterday again.
I was planning to see how important I am to you, then I would say how much you mean to me, but I ended up doing the foolest thing to make you choose between me or your job. I know you love your job, like I love photography with my passion. and I am really sorry for being a bastard yesterday ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
so have you finish your schedule today? I will arrive at berlin at 12 pm kst. I don't know if you're still mad at me or not, but please call me at the number below.
yoong, I love you. take care of yourself without me at korea. see you 4 years from now.

your hae."

yoona clenches the letter. she doesn't know what she feels right now. everything inside her is a mess. she feels like exploding when she knows that her feeling is mutual. everything she hid all this time; how she everytime he sent her compliment; how butterflies flew madly in her stomach everytime she watches him taking photo at their high school—he looks sexy with camera, she always thought; how her heart beat faster than ever when they were trapped to watch a movie at a cinema because none of their friends went—she never know how the story of the movie goes because she's too focus stealing glances at donghae who watched excitedly and sat beside her; how she felt she's broken into pieces when donghae cried his life out when his dad died; how she wanted to grab a knife and stab it at a girl from their high school named jessica who's being overly flirt and clingy to donghae; and she feels like flying knowing everything is mutual. but she weakens when realizes they're not in the same country anymore. and the fact that he says 'see you 4 years from now' has broke her to an end.

a tear rolls down on her cheek. she doesn't know if it a happy tear or a sad tear because she's a complete mess now. she pulls out her phone from her pocket and laughs weakly seeing how her hand holds the phone shakily. she straighten the letter again and look at a phone number at the end of the paper. she presses the numbers and dials it.

she holds her breathe when it connects and she hears the dial tone from the phone.

"hello?" a voice speaks in english.

yoona tries hard to not gasp sharply. but it hard. it hard when she hears a voice that she would be miss for the next 4 years.

"hello, this is donghae speaking," the voice—still in english—speaks once more and one more tear falls from yoona's eye.


there is a pause before the other voice croaks finally in korean, "y-yoong? is that you?"

yoona smiles. she already misses this voice, "I am,"

another long pause between them.

"so... you read the letter?"

"I don't know you have an amazing collection of my photos," yoona teases with a crack voice.

donghae laughs. yoona already misses this laugh too, "I told you that's only a half of it."

yoona tries to laugh. but the harder way she tried, the harder she cries.

"yoong... are you crying?" donghae asks when he hears a soft sob from the other line.

"do you think I'm not suppose to cry when my lifetime bestfriend is leaving me abroad, for 4 years? without even saying a word?"

it seems like donghae have to pull out his courage before finally answer very gently, "I am sorry,"

"you should say you're leaving yesterday so I can really cancel my schedule. now that you already away I... I..."

"no I'm glad you refuse my question yesterday. I don't want to be the one who ruin your job. I've said it, you love your job and I understand,"

yoona swallows her sob down, "but at least don't make the last conversation we made as a fight!"

"I know, that is my mistake. that's why I'm sorry,"

"you babo, donghae,"

"I am,"

"you babo,"

"yes, you just told me,"

"I love you," yoona cries. she can't hold it anymore. she let out all of her tears.

donghae doesn't answer. yoona doesn't want to guess what he's doing either. she keeps sobbing.

"I love you so much since long ago. I hid it myself. I never said it out loud because I never want to ruin our friendship. and now you tell me you love me like it's nothing when you're already away from me. you are stupid, donghae, you're the most stupid person in this universe. you ruined me. now how am I suppose to live for 4 next years without you here with me?"

"I...I'm sorry," once again donghae voices out.

"don't you have any other word than sorry?"

"I love you,"

yoona stop sobbing for a second, and she laughs herself, "babo."

"I just want to wait for me until I come back. if I didn't say I love you, you may fall in love with other guy and then forget about me. now that you know I love you, I want you to wait for me."

"for 4 years?"


"that's a long time, you know,"

"I know, that's why I printed out 1460 photos of you for you to spend with every single day for the next 4 years,"

yoona frowns, "silly. how can I spend my time with tons photos of mine?"

"because every photo was taken by me, I took it from my own eyes. look at yourself in the photos, and that's how I draw picture of you in my mind. I see you, I am there with you."

yoona's tears starts to fall down again like it has no end.

"you only have to wait for me for 4 years, and then be there by my side for the rest of my life."

yoona was taking her breath going to answer when donghae cut her,

"I will marry you."
Tags: f: snsd, f: super junior, l: one shot, p: donghae/yoona, r: pg 13

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